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Maria Montessori Institute (London, UK)

  • AMI Qualified Lecturer

  • AMI Montessori Diploma for 3-6

  • AMI Montessori Diploma for 0-3

  • MMI Observation Course Post Diploma

  • MMI Observation Course Advanced Post Diploma

Open University (London, UK)

  • BA(Hons) Early Childhood Education (In progress)

Mentored and Trained

  • Mrs Hilla Patel, Lynne Lawrence, Cheryl Ferreira, Dr. Montanaro and Maria Vidales (Chacha)

Head of School – JJB International Montessori AMI Centre (Guangzhou China)

  • Founded three schools for children aged 3 months to 6 years

  • Designed bespoke learning environments for Nido (3-18 months), Infant Community (18 months-3 years old), and Casa (3-6 years old)

  • Led teams of up to 10/12 teachers per school

  • Created and conducted training programmes for Montessori teachers

  • Created and conducted Montessori parenting courses and workshops

Montessori Parenting Consultant – Montessori Community (Hong Kong, China)

  • Designed and conducted Montessori Parenting skills workshops for infants

Montessori Consultant – Montessori Community (Hong Kong, China)

  • Consulting on teacher training and structuring of Montessori classrooms for children aged 2-6

Head Directress – Maria Montessori Institute (London, UK) and Être Et Découvrir (Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche, France)

  • Teaching and leading various Montessori Casa communities in English and French


  • English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

  • Spoken Mandarin, Italian

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