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Who are we?

Guiding caregivers to grow in understanding their children so as to create supportive environments through Montessori philosophy and education.

Open Doors Montessori aspires to make Montessori education and philosophy accessible to families at home. We hope to journey with parents, caregivers and educators in the fulfilling and challenging process of raising children. Whether you are a new mum overwhelmed in the adventure of parenthood or an experienced educator confused by inconsistencies in a child’s development, we are here to help through Montessori observation techniques and to assist you in learning skills to follow the child’s needs.

Working with children from birth to 6 years of age, we will assist in setting up routines and spaces with an understanding of the child’s needs and psychology at this young and crucial age. Our pedagogy may focus on the child, but we will impart practical skills to parents and educators to help them as they grow with their children.

Meet The Team

Ruth Toh

Miss Ruth has worked closely with many families in varying capacities over the years. She has taught art to children with a focus on developing creativity, as well as in an inclusive curriculum. She has trained internationally too, namely in London and Hong Kong, with long-term work experience in Guangzhou, China. Having been in the industry for 10 years, she is a well-experienced and understanding early childhood educator. 

At JJB Montessori AMI Centre in Guangzhou, she worked as their Head Teacher, coordinating and teaching in the Infant Community and the Casa. She holds a Montessori 3-6 Diploma and has supported many families while constantly updating her Montessori knowledge throughout her career. 


Leticia de Lassus

Ms. Leticia is an adept Montessorian with a considerable depth of teaching experience. She has led Montessori classrooms in the UK and France, and was the Head of School of JJB Montessori AMI Centre in Guangzhou, China. There she created 3 centres with Nido, Infant Community and Casa environments. Having over 20 years as an educator, Ms. Leticia is well-equipped to work with parents and families.


Ms. Leticia is an AMI lecturer and has trained under the tutelage of Mrs. Hilla Patel and Mrs. Lynne Lawrence. She holds AMI diplomas in 0-3 and 3-6 years old, as well as post-diploma observation courses.

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