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Open Doors Montessori Singapore Playgroups

Why choose us?

We are a team of AMI-trained Montessori educators with a combined experience of over 20 years in early childhood education. This allows us to bring you many services in true Montessori education.

We have worked in over 5 countries and therefore have a keen understanding that every family has its unique set of challenges. Every family has their own culture and background that we have great respect for.

We recognise and empathise with the struggles modern-day parents face and are here to bridge the gap between caregiver and child. Our work will “open doors” for parents, educators and children so they can find harmony in themselves and their communities.


What we offer

Join us as we guide and inspire children between 4 months to 3 years of age! They will grow a love for learning and develop independence, while parents are guided to support them in the journey.  

We conduct 6-week courses and stand-alone workshops on child development and how to support children through Montessori principles in the home. Come meet like-minded parents in a cosy community!

Should you have specific challenges in the home to address, we can journey with your family to assist in organising spaces & routines at home that will encourage positive growth & development in your child.

Be it in the Nido, Infant Community or Casa, we can provide refresher courses as well as tailored teacher training based in AMI Montessori techniques. We will also provide an Observation Course for experienced Montessori directresses in the Casa.

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