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Montessori Parenting Workshops Singapore

Montessori Parenting Workshops

At this young age, children grow and change so rapidly. As caregivers, this makes our job even more interesting and challenging, though oftentimes also difficult to navigate. Social media and the internet are fantastic resources when we face challenges in parenthood, but the dearth of knowledge can be overwhelming and difficult to sort through.

We offer both 6-week Parenting Courses as well as stand-alone Parenting Workshops that will empower parents to apply Montessori Principles at Home! We will assist caregivers in creating individualised plans to create supportive home environments and routines for their children. 

Should you be interested to hold these talks at your school, we will be happy to collaborate with you as well!


Montessori Principles at Home, 6-session Parenting Course
  • 2-hour sessions, usually conducted on Saturday mornings

  • Presentations with handouts and individualised feedback

  • 2 speakers to a maximum of 12 caregivers 

  • Discounts for 2nd caregiver from the same family

  • Examples of Topics Covered:

    • The Child’s Development Under Age 6

    • Managing a Child’s Emotions

    • The Role of the Father

    • Setting up the Bedroom & Routines

    • Independence in the Bathroom

Les Oliviers Montessori
Montessori Children’s House

Stand-Alone Parenting Workshops
  • A variety of topics can be requested

  • Those that cover detailed introduction to Montessori philosophies & Pedagogy

  • Topics addressing important Early Childhood developmental knowledge

  • Discounts for 2nd caregiver from the same family

  •  2-hour workshops with 2 speakers


What we offer

Join us as we guide and inspire children between 4 months to 3 years of age! They will grow a love for learning and develop independence, while parents are guided to support them in the journey.  

Should you have specific challenges in the home to address, we can journey with your family to assist in organising spaces & routines at home that will encourage positive growth & development in your child.

Be it in the Nido, Infant Community or Casa, we can provide refresher courses as well as tailored teacher training based in AMI Montessori techniques. We will also provide an Observation Course for experienced Montessori directresses in the Casa.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to provide you with the best service. We pride ourselves in giving top-quality service. If we have fallen short of this, please reach out to us. We will do our best to rectify this. 

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